The violin - book cover


Rochester, 2016

The violin

Chapter 8

The masters’ voice: recordings as documentation of performance practice

Eitan Ornoy


book cover - Visions_for Intercultural Music Teacher Education


Springer open, 2020

Visions for intercultural music teacher education

Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Israel: Reimagining Religious Segregation Through Culturally Responsive Teaching

Amira Ehrlich and Belal Badarne


Bourdieu and the sociology of music education - book cover


Burlington, 2015

Bourdieu and the sociology of music education

Chapter 8

Producing a classical habitus : reconsidering instrumental music teaching methods

Dan Sagiv and Clare Hall


Music in early childhood - book cover


Springer, 2019

Music in early childhood : multi-disciplinary perspectives and inter-disciplinary exchanges

Chapter 11

 Self-initiated Musicking in Kindergarten as Instances of Emancipation: The Case of Arabic Speaking Young Children in Israel

Claudia Gluschankof


Musica Movet : affectus, ludus, corpus - book cover

ML3830 MUS

Belgrade University of Arts, 2019

Musica Movet : affectus, ludus, corpus

Chapter 22

"Mozart's musical kinesthetic motiffs display latent links between the "I" and the "Other

Ruth Litai-Jacoby